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A Visitor Remembers: Mrs. Strawbridge and the Countryside Gardners

Margaret Strawbridge was a member of the Countryside Gardeners for many years. When she attended our meetings she always wore a hat and gloves and would offer a prayer before our monthly meetings.

One of her particular interests was the Willow Grove Air Station. Each year, under her watchful eye, the garden club members would decorate the Air Station Chapel at Christmastime providing flowers and greens. Immediately after finishing their work the Naval Airmen would be our partners for a lovely luncheon served in their dining room.

Our meetings were held in the members’ homes and Margaret would often hold her meetings a the Graeme Park Visitors’ Center where volunteers would brief us on the latest developments at Graeme Park site.

Margaret’s parents were missionaries to China. There must have been a sister because there was mention of the nieces coming out party. [editor’s note: While Margaret did have a sister, the nieces were the daughters of Welsh’s sister, Mary.]

From what I gather, Welsh, her husband, was not easy to live with! He didn’t want our garden club meeting at his house and so no one in our club knew him! When the Doctors told Welsh to stop smoking cigars, he switched to cigarettes and proceeded to let the ashes burn every item of his clothing. He put his cigarette out in a dried flower arrangement and set it on fire! He must have been quite a character!