Located at 859 County Line Road in Horsham, PA 19044


A Evening with the Graemes

Imagine yourself, dressed in your finest silk gown or brocade coat and breeches, wig powdered, horse and carriage at the ready* to whisk you off to Graeme Park for an evening of entertainment with the Graeme family at their country estate in Horsham. There will be dancing, music, perhaps a masque or card and dice games, food and drink. Oh what fun!

Join us on Friday, September 15 for an evening of hands-on entertainment similar to what the Graeme family might have provided for their guests. The Tapestry Dancers will be on hand to demonstrate and teach you colonial-style dancing, you will play several rounds of card and dice games, see (or maybe will be called to act in) a short skit with a troupe of traveling players, and perhaps even encounter one of the Graemeā€™s German-speaking servants on your way to enjoying some 18th c. inspired refreshments and desserts.

The cost is $12/person or $6/members and reservations are requested. Children 13+ are welcome to attend. Tickets are limited, and may be purchased at

* Gowns, breeches and powdered wigs optional. No stabling available for horses and carriages, please arrive in your gasoline/electric powered coach, SUV, or